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chemical fume hood 132cm

  Code : FH-15i
H x W x D (m)   KG
0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

Exterior size (LxWxH) 1500x900x2500mm
Work Area (LxWxH) 1320x850x950mm
Base Cabinet Height is 720 mm, the exterior size include the
cabinet height
Protection Class Class I
Protection Type IP 20
Air Velocity (m/s) O. 2m/s — 0. 7m/s
Noise ≤ 60dB(A)
Exhaust Duct PVC,standard length: 4 meters
Pipe Collar (mm) (I)290
Fluorescent Lamp 28Wx1
UV Lamp 30Wx1
Blower Centrifugal fan, speed adjustable. The fan inside the
Fume Hood
Glass window Two layer toughen glass, 5mm thickness: Motor
control, height adjustable
Power supply 110-220V/50-60Hz (optional)
Power consumption 800W
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