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Semi Automated Plate Sealer

  Code : UT-1001
H x W x D (m)   KG
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semi-automatic thermal sealer for uniform
and consistent sealing of micro-plates.
OLED display screen
Sealing temperature: 80 ~ 200℃ (increment of 1.0 ℃)
Temperature accuracy&uniformity: ±1°C
Sealing time 0.5 ~ 10 seconds (increment of 0.1s)
Seal plate heights: 9 to 48mm
Compatible plate types: SBS Standard plates, Deep-well plates
PCR plates (Skirted, semi-skirted and
no-skirted formats).
Input Power: 300W
Sealing pressure can be adjustable as the sealed plate results
Automatic counting function
Energy Saving Functions
Dimension (D x W x H)mm: 370×178×330
Weight: 9.6kg
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